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Hey, welcome to my website! A lot has changed here- here's a little bit about me.

I am a purple belt under Pete McHugh at McHugh Jiu Jitsu in Marlton, New Jersey.
At the academy, I wear many hats- I am both social media director and in office administration! I've become really passionate about sharing the beauty of jiu jitsu in the best way possible to our community. I wanted to create an experience for inquiring students unlike any other, and to really communicate how magical this is to anyone checking us out at a glance. If you want to see how that's going, check out our Instagram @mchugh_bjj_academy and some of our other links here! https://linktr.ee/mchughjiujitsu

I love shooting tournaments and you are sure to see me at every major Finishers Sub-Only event! My schedule is otherwise limited these days, so although I'm not out there in the jiu jitsu world as much and can't shoot as frequently, please feel free to reach out early to try to get scheduled - I'm available for tournament coverage or photo sessions! Sessions start at minimum $350 for an hour session and varies, my strength being documentary style photography and using natural light. Shoot me an email and we can talk further details if you're curious to learn more!

I hope you all enjoy watching the giuljitsu photography + human journey. - Giul

Massive thank you to John DePasquale for taking these incredible photos I'll cherish for a lifetime. Find and support his work here!

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