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Hey, welcome to my website! A lot has changed here and I'm super stoked about it. Here's a bit about me.

I am a purple belt under Professor Pete McHugh at McHugh Jiu Jitsu in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. At the school, I work as both an office administrator and head of social media! I've become really passionate about sharing the beauty of jiu jitsu in the best way possible to our community. I wanted to create an experience for inquiring students unlike any other, and to really communicate how magical this is to anyone checking us out at a glance. If you want to see how that's going, check out our Instagram @mchugh_bjj_academy and some of our other links here! https://linktr.ee/mchughjiujitsu

I hope you all enjoy watching the giuljitsu photography + human journey. - Giul

Massive thank you to John DePasquale for taking these incredible photos I'll cherish for a lifetime. Find and support his work here!

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